Devan Cronshaw

Devan Cronshaw, Project Planner II

Devan is a practicing planner with two years of experience, having been involved in a variety of projects providing planning and management know-how. He has also completed several impactful research initiatives forwarding effective local government policy. His planning knowledge is well matched with his business savvy, developed through years of owning and operating a home services franchise. This mix of skill allows Devan to successfully complete housing projects and develop policy across the province.

Originally from Winnipeg, Devan has lived on Vancouver Island for several years and is excited to be working on projects across the province as part of a progressive organization which matches his values. After completing an honours degree in commerce from the University of Manitoba, Devan moved to Nanaimo and obtained a Master’s Degree in Community Planning from Vancouver Island University. While completing his Master’s Degree, Devan lived in Belize for a summer studying the process of waterfront development and its impact on local communities on the coast of Belize.”