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Playing off of the theme of a home, which is the M’akola Housing Society’s logo, this design represents a refurbished house with a new door that represents a man’s mouth. The façade of the house is refurbished with two killer whales, each with a seal in its mouth and the top of the house is a killer whale coming towards the viewer with a seal in its mouth. The peaks have also been replaced with a more ornate design. The killer whale represents the spirits of our great chiefs. The seals are a staple for our people and for the orcas. The face with the mouth for the door presents an ancestor.

The artist, Richard Hunt is a Kwaguilth (Kwakiutl) Native from Fort Rupert.

Our History

The ‘Victoria Native Indian Housing Society’ was incorporated on February 6, 1984 as a non-profit society. The name was changed to the M’akola Housing Society on April 5, 1988.

Our Society was originally established to provide safe, affordable housing for families of Aboriginal ancestry who were in core need of housing in urban centers on Vancouver Island. Since that time our Society and our mandate have expanded into what is now the M’akola Group of Societies, consisting of seven societies.

The Mis’kow’aao Development Society (MDS) was incorporated March 18th, 1988 as a non-profit society, we specialize in project development, and property management services for market and non-market developments. Mis’kow’aao has provided development and project management services for over 30 affordable housing projects for aboriginal and non-aboriginal clients.

We are a non-profit, organization governed by a volunteer Aboriginal board of directors with significant related experience, skills, passion, and understanding of the needs of both on and off-reserve Aboriginal Families.

M’akola Development Services is a professional consulting firm with Indigenous roots that is committed to supporting vibrant, diverse communities in British Columbia. M’akola has 31 years of experience in housing research, planning, and development for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal clients.

Our interdisciplinary team partners with municipalities, non-profit organizations, all levels of government, Aboriginal communities, and private industry to examine social and economic opportunities to develop collaborative, sustainable and unique solutions that respect the past while building for the community of tomorrow. We value local knowledge and expertise, and strongly believe if housing is to meet the needs of the community and enhance quality of life, participation and support from the community is critical. Our services span the full development spectrum from Concept to Community.

By assigning a dedicated team to each project, we provide consistent, high-quality services, tailored to the specific needs of your project. Our team includes the full complement of project and development expertise, and we take an active and engaged approach through all project phases.

M’akola Group of Societies has more than 1,500 housing units across British Columbia, which are supported by over 100 employees across the Province. M’akola Development Services has worked on more than 30 major projects for M’akola, and other clients throughout British Columbia. Our approach to planning and engagement is complemented by our 31 years of property management experience which gives us the operational understanding to approach community development from an end user perspective.

Our Clients Map

Consulting Clients (Partial List)

  • BC Harbourside Co-housing
  • Cowichan Tribes
  • Columbian Centre Society
  • Elderberry Co-housing
  • Haisla Nation
  • Haven Society
  • Knox Vision Society
  • Nanaimo Affordable Housing Society
  • Nicola Valley Bands
  • Prince George Metis Housing Society
  • Saint Vincent de Paul of Vancouver Island
  • Vancouver Native Housing Society (MOU)
  • We Wai Kai Nation

Housing Clients by Region
M’akola Group of Societies has 5 office locations (plus 2 satellite offices) to serve over 1,600 housing units across British Columbia. These housing units are for Aboriginal Families, Aboriginals requiring Assisted Living, and Rural and Native Housing.

  • Vancouver Island 901 units
  • Sunshine Coast 38 units
  • South Cariboo 51 units
  • North West 526 units
  • North Central 61 units
  • Far North 43 units

M’akola Development Services provides a receptive approach focused on building housing the local community is proud of. M’akola Development Services provides personalized services to each of our clients, who are located across British Columbia, to ensure their interests and the interests of those they represent move forward. M’akola Development Services achieves this through hands on methods and through engaging each of our clients in all stages of development; transparency is strongly valued. Our approach is based on an end-users perspective and is community oriented. An integral part of our work is philanthropic – building lasting relationships and giving back to the local community, through an array of meaningful avenues, is prioritized.

Bruce Parisian, President
David Seymour, Vice-President
Carl Mashon, Treasurer
Roger Kishi, Secretary
Bruce Underwood, Director
Kolette Cristante, Director
Nella Nelson, Director
Cyndi Stevens, Director
Debbie Williams, Director
Grace Elliott-Nielsen, Director
George Cook, Elder Advisor and Honorary Member

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