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Shafin Damani, Development Manager

During his decade-long journey in housing development, Shafin has spearheaded significant projects for BC Housing and the private sector, resulting in the creation of over 700 units of supportive and affordable housing across the province. He possesses comprehensive expertise that covers a wide range of housing types, encompassing shelters, supportive housing, group homes, and multi-story affordable units.

Drawing from his background in municipal government, Shafin brings a deep understanding of the intricacies of municipal development processes and their specific expectations. Holding a PMP certification and possessing a background in mechanical engineering, specifically in HVAC and plumbing design, Shafin utilizes his technical and project management skills when collaborating with design teams. He integrates building systems and sustainable design seamlessly to efficiently fulfill client expectations from a structural perspective. In his ongoing pursuit of personal and professional advancement, Shafin is currently pursuing his MBA to elevate his understanding of the business realm.

Having grown up in low-income neighbourhoods in London, UK, Shafin recognizes the pressing need for and significance of affordable housing. With this unique perspective, he bridges various levels of government organizations, enabling him to engage in technical discussions that steer housing developments toward impactful and sustainable outcomes for the community.

In his role as a Development Manager, Shafin aspires to contribute to the Lower Mainland development team at M’akola with his passion and commitment to crafting holistic designs that genuinely benefit the community.