“M’akola Development Services has been great to work with throughout the entire process of 550 Goldstream Avenue project in Langford. The team worked well with us and we could count on MDS to help us throughout the entire process. Here at Scansa we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and it was great working with MDS who also do the same. The M’akola team was always following up and making it easier for us to do our jobs. We are happy to be a part of the great project and help 36-families in Langford find affordable housing.”

“We are working with MDS on the Spruce Street housing project in Prince George, and other affordable housing projects.  They provide expertise in development and managing affordable housing, and have been indispensable in guiding the team towards a project that not only meets budgets but meets the mandate of the society.  The professionalism and collaborative effort from M’akola on these projects has assisted greatly during our design process to ensure we meet the needs of our clients while developing functional and attractive buildings”

“At M’akola Development Services they are very attentive to the owner’s concerns and requests. We have worked on multiple BC Housing projects with MDS and they have a great knowledge of BC Housing’s processes. BC Housing projects are quite unique and the people at MDS keep abreast with how things work.

We have worked with many development consulting firms and it really comes down to the people on the team. MDS has integrity, they are straightforward, reliable and professional”

“The MDS team has an exceptional ability to listen and take action. Some firms work within their vision and just do what they want, but MDS listens and the client gets what they want. MDS is very professional and they anticipate the work that needs to be done.

I’ve seen dozens of applications for government funding and I’ve never seen any that exceed the quality that MDS provides.”

“We have been working with MDS on the Boundary project and the entire experience has been good. They have been very helpful with everything including navigating the BC Housing funding formulas. Their expertise in understanding construction has been wonderful and they converse well with the architects and engineers. I am very happy with this relationship and look forward to working with them now and in the future.

MDS is very multi-cultural, not only is it rooted in Aboriginal communities, but the staff have various cultural backgrounds as well.

Many of the staff are early in their career and it really adds a balanced approach to the organization and that is different from other consulting firms. The team is also much more personable and they make you feel welcome. Other firms treat you like a job, and MDS treats you like a person, they are really interested in what you do.”